PCB Design & Assembly in Limerick,Ireland

RTR Electronics provides the facilities for extensive design, testing, and manufacturing of circuit boards with all types of components from 0201 to µBGA. We can supply a company with quantities ranging from low to medium production runs.

PCB Design & Development Capabilities for Full Design Flow

Our factory capabilities allow us to receive an order and quickly get producing your units and we have a very efficient system of production meaning you receive the benefits at lower costs. If your project is new and in early development, we can provide you with our design engineers to help you develop your technology and build a plan for manufacturing your technology to be ready for the market.

From Design to the End-User - RTR Electronics covers the full process

RTR Electronics also provides the option of complete box build assemblies, this means that we can Build your complete product and then ship it to your end-users. If your technology requires specific components that are not possible for RTR to manufacture then we have an extensive network of facilities that can manufacture almost all technology.

High-Quality 24-hour PCB Assembly and PCB X-Ray Services

We can offer a Rapid Prototyping service to companies that need products assembled very quickly. In today's world Engineers need to develop new technologies for the market very quickly. RTR can be an essential link in the chain by providing 24-hour turnaround on PCB assembly.

RTR Electronics use of Modern Technology

RTR has 3 Pick & Place machines that vary from prototype up to high volume and are easily and quickly programmed. Our ovens and very precisely controlled to achieve top-quality solder joints. All of our equipment is very modern and upgraded every 4 years.

Our MRP system allows us to have full visibility of orders and materials at all times and hence can feed like information to our customers about their products.

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RTR Electronics Ltd was founded in 2004. It is owned and run by Pat O’Meara who is a qualified Engineer and has worked in the Electronics Manufacturing and rework field for over 30 years. Pat is passionate about the service they supply. RTR Electronics Ltd is a knowledge based Company, which provides specialised Electronic Design, Development, Manufacturing, Rework, Test and Support Services to Companies globally. RTR operates out of a modern rework premises with ample manufacturer and rework equipment at Annacotty Business Park in Limerick.
  • Assembly

  • Design

  • Prototyping

  • Rework & Repair

  • Parts Management

  • Cable Harnessing

  • RTR Electronics Limited, Annacotty Business Park, Annacotty, Co. Limerick, Ireland

  • Sales: Pat O’Meara

    Email Pat@rtrelec.com
    Mobile +353 87 2524103

  • Accounts: Fiona O’Meara

    Email Fiona@rtrelec.com
    Tel  +353 61 240695

    Mobile +353 876626515

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