Tekaguage - Ultrasonic Non-Innvasive Flow Meter

The Tekagauge, a non invasive flow meter measures the volume of liquid flowing through a pipe. The meter operates by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves from two separate transducers, the transit time is used to calculate the flow of liquids within the pipe. The system requires no interruption to the flow for installation. The system can be used in a range of industries such as water and sewage treatment. The Tekagauge ensures the correct amount of liquid is flowing through the pipes when necessary. 

How it works?

The technical advancement will include using ultrasonic sensing to penetrate the walls of the pipe and provide a flow rate measurement without having to break the pipe walls. The Tekagauge software calibrates the system in each application, ensuring accurate measurement for each application's mechanical and liquid combinations. Envisaged applications will consist of multiple sensors, networked together to form an integrated System. The measured flow rates will be transmitted via a wireless interface to a central data site, where data analysis software generates both real-time alarms when pre-set safety operating conditions are exceeded as well as periodic reports of the overall system performance. Data collected from multiple sensors can be processed to identify and report such problems as leaks, blockages, wastage etc. The Tekagauge sends data to the user without the user having to be onsite at the area of measurement.

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